Rich Heritage Music

I chose the name “Rich Heritage Music” for my music show because I have a very rich, diverse musical background and because my former band was named “HERITAGE”.  I have very wide-ranging musical tastes and have been fortunate to have worked over the years with great musicians in a variety of genres, including rock ‘n roll, jazz, country and folk and my show pulls from all of these resources to create an entertaining and very listenable performance.  Take a listen to my music samples and I think you’ll agree!

I play all the lead guitar work and sing lead vocals live, and use pre-recorded backing tracks for supporting instruments and vocals.  Much of the music you hear on this site was recorded in my studio in Essex Junction or at live performances with area musicians I work with, while some of the background music comes from playalong tracks that I’ve modified for my show.  The result is like listening to a complete band, except that the volume level can be kept as quiet or as loud as the client desires – try that with a live band!

Also worth noting is that I can fit into an area as small as 6’ x 6’ if needed, much less than a typical act requires!  And I have a scalable sound system that can accommodate anything from very small venues to full-size auditoriums, and my music selection can be custom-tailored to fit any occasion very easily.

Please listen to the music samples on my site and consider me for any of your music needs.   I’m currently booking shows around the  Burlington, Vermont area.  


Rich Sutphen

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