KLS Project

KLS Project is the brainchild of bassman and vocalist John Kains.  John first approached me years ago when he first started rehearsing with Towne Meeting and asked if I’d be interested in doing some recording with he and keyboardist Bill Lunna.  John was the man who put together a popular group back in the 60’s called “ The Persuaders” which featured John on bass, Doug Kenny on lead guitar, Brian Patnode on rhythm guitar, Terry Tyler on drums and my brother Al on Saxophone.  These guys were a tight, sharp-dressed group and the sound knocked me out.  I was just a kid when they would come to the house to rehearse and I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to work with John later on.  How could I say no?  I jumped at the chance.

We’ve had a good time making music together for many years now and have recently released our first CD entitled “Second Story” , featuring our rising star vocalist Erin Keefe.  We hope to do more recording with her in the future.  Here are some samples of our new CD.  

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