TAKE NOTE - The Karen Baker Trio

TAKE NOTE - The Karen Baker Trio  is a three-piece instrumental band featuring Karen Baker on piano keyboard and keyboard bass, Rich Sutphen on guitar and bass, and Jeff LeFebvre on drums.  The band brings a delightful menu of classic swing and jazz standards, favorite Latin melodies as well as blues-influenced songs and some original material to the musical table. The instrumentalists enjoy playing together to provide a varied, smooth and listenable sound combined with a solid dance beat and tight arrangements.  

About the Musicians:

In her role as keyboard player, Karen combines an extensive classical training with a deep commitment to jazz music.  A graduate of the Crane School of Music, she has continued her musical studies at the University of Louisville, Skidmore College and the Vermont Jazz Center.  Karen also performs as a piano soloist and as the keyboard player in LeGROOVE (www.le-groove.com).

Richard Sutphen is a multi-talented musician who brings years of playing experience to TAKE NOTE.  In addition to playing guitar, his featured instrument in the band, Rich previously performed for 10 years with TOWNE MEETING as guitarist and vocalist. His one-man music show, entitled RICH HERITAGE MUSIC (www.richheritagemusic.com) is based in the Burlington, Vermont area.

Jeff LeFebvre has long enjoyed playing and listening to swing, blues, latin and rock and roll music.  He has studied at the Vermont Jazz Center as well.  Jeff provides the driving rhythms that propel the group's "swinging" sound.  He performs with several other local bands in both rock and blues styles, including LeGROOVE, mentioned above.

For booking info contact Karen Baker at (518) 891-3984 or Rich Sutphen at (802) 879-7828. You can find Take Note’s scheduled shows listed on Rich’s Schedule page here.

Here are some samples from their brand-new 16 song CD,  “Take Note Live”.  CD’s are $15.00 + $3.00 shipping & handling.  Let me know if you’d like a copy!  Thanks to those who have already purchased one!

TN CD Cover 3
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